Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I liked Enya?

I recently lost my iPod and, needless to say, I deserve to die a slow and painful death. Because of my gross negligence and carelessness with my most treasured possession, I have been living in a dearth of music for the past couple of weeks. What hurt more than losing the actual treasure itself was the fact that all my music was stored on it. Because I use a laptop with not much hard drive space, I had to permanently store my music library on my iPod, which is now missing.

Luckily, and thank God for this, I just remembered that I had made data CD back-ups of all my music, so I'm saved. Now all I have to do is burn, oh, 200 CD's and I'll be back on track! Anyway, to store these newly burned music CD's, I decided to clear out my outmoded collection in my CD case with a younger, hipper, and trendier set that I am now burning.

As I am clearing these old CD's, I am overcome with a dry detachment and amusement by my CD collection from high school. I really liked Linkin Park enough to own three of their CD's? Why do I have five mix CD's with variations on the "I'm an emo kid" theme? I liked Enya? Enya, seriously.

Oh well, out with the old and in with the new. I'm just curious what I'm going to think about today's CD's four years from now. I mean, seriously, I liked Matisyahu? Fall Out Boy? The Killers?! Shut up, I was never that lame...

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jinx protocol said...

You would like Enya. I'm currently cleaning out my CD collection for the big move to NYC, and I'm kind of...disappointed in what I listened to - well some of it - a few years ago.

But nothing as bad as Enya. or Fall-Out Boy. E-gad, man, get yourself some good music, like Trick Daddy or Ace of Base!